Ravi Kumar Singareddy, M.D.

Emory Healthcare Network Physician

Dr. Singareddy is board certified in Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine and has been practicing psychiatry and sleep medicine for more than 15 years. He completed a combined residency program in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry and subsequently pursued a formal Sleep Medicine Fellowship. He worked for nearly 10 years at Penn State University Medical Center prior to moving to a private practice setting. At Penn State he was involved in training residents, conducting research and practicing psychiatry and sleep. He has published in the areas of sleep disorders, depression, and anxiety disorders.

His care philosophy is to improve overall well-being by comprehensive evaluation and treatment of various emotional disorders and sleep disturbances while taking into consideration individual preferences and evidence-based medicine. He believes that improving these critical aspects will improve health and overall quality of life.

The treatment of emotional disturbances and sleep disorders can be life changing and may also involve a lifetime of care. He will work with you through this continuum of care and will help in regularly monitoring and adjusting treatment as appropriate.



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