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Psychiatric Services for the Greater Atlanta Area


Psychiatric Evaluation

An evaluation is the best starting point for getting help with mental health issues. Dr. Singareddy will conduct an evaluation in order to gather information on your current situation and medical and personal history. During He will use collateral information, experience, and diagnostic methodology to diagnosis mental health disorders. Once identified he will develop a personalized treatment plan in order to best take care of you.


Medication Management

One important aspect of psychiatry is the use of medications to treat and manage disorders. Dr. Ravi Singareddy has the experience and training to make sure to find the right medications for you and the right dosage. He is board certified not only in psychiatry but also sleep medicine; this means he has the expertise to make sure to get the best medication for mental health and sleep issues.

Women getting TMS treatment for depression

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

We have the latest deep TMS device. Our BrainsWay Deep TMS treatment uses a special magnetic coil that is fitted into a helmet, and secured snugly to your head during the treatment which lasts about 20 minutes. This treatment is FDA approved for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Smoking Cessation and Anxious Depression.


Nasal EsKetamine Treatment (Spravato)

Dr. Ravi Singareddy's clinic serving the greater Atlanta Georgia area is an approved REMS clinic which can provide Spravato treatments. Spravato is FDA approved for clinical depression that has not responded to two or more medications. It is given as a nasal spray. Esketamine works differently than the traditional medications for depression. Esketamine is one version of Ketamine molecule that is widely used for anesthesia.

GeneSight Gene Testing

GeneSight is a genetic-based laboratory-developed test that analyzes a person’s DNA, and matches it with known pharmacology about how medications work, to help healthcare providers develop an individualized treatment plan for their patients. The GeneSight report uses color-coding to show which medicines may be more likely to work for a patient based on his/her genetic makeup. GeneSight gives Dr. Singareddy important information to help plan your treatment. With this information, Dr. Singareddy can get you on the right medicine faster with fewer unwanted side effects.

Dr. Singareddy uses GeneSight to analyze your genes and then matches the information about your genes to a list of medications that may be available treatment options for your condition. The report gives Dr. Singareddy additional insight to help select the medications that may work best for you. The test is easy to administer and takes about five minutes. Your DNA is collected using a simple cheek swab.

Our office will then send your sample to the GeneSight clinical lab to be analyzed. Once the results are received our office will schedule a consultation with you. During this consultation, Dr. Singareddy will go over the results with you and discuss the recommended treatment plan.

female scientist looking in microscope

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are sponsored by drug or device manufacturing companies and may includes double-blind studies (where you will not know if you are getting an active medication or a placebo [sugar pill]) and open-label studies (you will know the treatment drug or procedure in advance.)

We Accept Insurance!

Depending on your treatment and insurance policy your office visits with Dr. Singareddy may be covered. We accept….