Psychiatric Evaluation

Dr. Singareddy’s Approach

Psychiatric evaluation is customized to each individual depending on their presenting concerns. After reviewing the comprehensive intake questionnaire that is completed by you, Dr. Singareddy will perform a psychiatric evaluation. Such psychiatric evaluation may include:

  • (a) description of behaviors (like when do the behaviors happen, how long does the behavior last, what are the conditions in which the behaviors most often happen), description of symptoms (physical and psychiatric symptoms) and effects of behaviors or symptoms related to on work or school performance, relationships and interactions with others (like spouse, coworkers, family members, or neighbors), family involvement, and activity involvement;
  • (b) personal and family history of emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorders;
  • (c) complete medical history and any current treatments
  • (d) review of any lab tests including blood tests.
  • Additionally, you may be asked to get additional testing done – these may include additional blood tests, radiological studies such as CT or MRI or Neuropsychological testing by a PhD Psychologist.