Depression can significantly impact one’s life and finding a treatment that not only works but acts quickly can be crucial for those struggling. Empower Psychiatry is at the forefront of offering cutting-edge treatments such as Accelerated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), an innovative approach to traditional TMS therapy for depression.

What is Accelerated TMS?

Accelerated TMS treatments are a condensed and intensified protocol designed to induce rapid antidepressant effects. This method delivers multiple sessions, up to 10 per day, within a much shorter time frame—such as over one week compared to several weeks with standard TMS.

Distinguishing Accelerated from Regular TMS

While both traditional and accelerated TMS utilize magnetic fields to stimulate the brain, their treatment schedules differ significantly. Standard TMS involves daily sessions five days a week, for four to six weeks. In contrast, accelerated TMS condenses the treatment period, offering a higher frequency of stimulation in a shorter span of time.

Benefits of Accelerated TMS

The quickened pace of accelerated TMS aims to provide relief sooner for those with severe depression. Although not currently covered by health insurance, accelerated TMS is a personalized treatment modality, chosen after careful evaluation of an individual’s specific circumstances and medical history.

The Evolving Nature of TMS Research

As studies in the field of neuropsychiatry advance, innovative protocols like accelerated TMS continue to be assessed. This evolution in research reflects our commitment to exploring and offering advanced treatments that can significantly improve mental health outcomes.

Seek Professional Guidance Today

If you’re considering TMS therapy, accelerated or traditional, our specialists at Empower Psychiatry are equipped with the expertise to guide you towards the best-suited treatment plan. To discuss your options, call us at (770) 615-0226 or visit our website Atlanta TMS Clinic for more information.

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