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TMS/Spravato Interest Form

TMS / Spravato Treatment

TMS and Spravato are innovative treatments which has been clinically proved to treat mood and psychiatric disorders. However, they may not be the best treatment for all patients. Complete the form and Dr. Singareddy and his staff will contact you with his suggestions. 

Spravato TMS - Screener
What treatment options are you interested in?

Answer these three questions.

1. Have you been diagnosed with: (Mark all that apply)
2. In your lifetime, have you been
on 2 or more antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and/or antipsychotics *
3. Do you currently receive, or have you previously received, any form of counseling or therapy? *

Thank you! Provide your details and we will be in touch soon.

Once you submit, we will contact you within 24-48 Business hours to discuss your treatment options and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ravi Singareddy for an initial evaluation, if you so desire.
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What is your name?
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