At Empower Psychiatry, we receive many questions regarding the number of TMS sessions required to treat depression effectively. Here, we detail the reasoning behind the recommended 30-36 sessions and discuss the importance of a full treatment cycle.

The Standard TMS Treatment Protocol

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS, involves a series of sessions based on clinical evidence for maximum benefit. Short, daily treatments cumulatively work towards improving symptoms of depression over several weeks.

Cumulative Effects of TMS on Brain Function

TMS functions by using magnetic pulses to stimulate brain activity gradually, altering critical neurotransmitter levels and neural circuits over time. These neurophysiological changes build up with each session to produce the desired antidepressant effects.

Can A Single TMS Session Treat Depression?

Given the gradual impact of TMS on the brain, one session alone is generally insufficient to notice any significant improvement in depressive symptoms.

Personalized Treatment Plans for Optimal Outcomes

It’s important to remember that individual experiences with TMS can vary. A mental health professional is best equipped to create a tailored treatment plan based on your unique needs and health profile.

Begin Your TMS Therapy Journey with Empower Psychiatry

If you are contemplating TMS therapy for depression, Empower Psychiatry can provide professional advice. To discuss treatment options, get in touch at (770) 615-0226 or visit Atlanta TMS Clinic.

Depression can be managed—with the right treatment and dedicated specialists, recovery is within reach.



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